About Us


Eiger Techincs offers reliable electrical installation service for projects of any size. We can design and build an electrical system from the ground up or fix and upgrade existing electric wiring which is failing. We aim to design efficient systems which meet each customer’s unique needs, and our electricians are committed to delivering high-quality work which lasts.

With our expertise and experience customers have peace of mind that we will provide a suitable, competitive and professional installation. 

We can also help you out with your interior lighting as we believe that light critically influences atmosphere, enjoyment, health and productivity–not to mention energy consumption.

Our team at Eiger Technics understand the power of light, and thoughtfully consider lighting opportunities and their influence throughout the design process. Lighting is not a background element or afterthought in our work; light is a crucial design tool to make spaces shine.


  1. Clear calculated costs

We prepare an offer for you before the works begin, so that you have a clear overview on all the costs of the material, work and additional surcharges if there are any.

  1. High-quality of the material

We work with the best possible material and strive to keep up to date with technology and development. As a modern company we educate our employees with new mechanisms and innovative services.

  1. Customers satisfaction

We are a customer-oriented company as we highly cherish our customers and believe that customer satisfaction through good service on agreed date in desired quality & terms will bring good results in present & future.

  1. Experienced employees

Our employees are cherished like they are our family members. We highly appreciate the relationship we have with them as we believe that a satisfied and valued team will bring more to the process of work than anything else.