What We Do

Looking for someone to cover every aspect of your electrical installation?

With a large experience in the commercial, office and home electrical engineering you don’t have to look any further. As we are here to help with every aspect of electrical installation which can include wall mounted power, floor box, grommet electrical wiring and communication room electrical installation. We are on your side from the beginning to the end with the high-level standards.


Maintaining quality with safety aspect!

We are striving to do our work with excellence but in the meantime, we don’t forget that safety comes first in the electrical industry.

We are working at the latest electrical and environmental standards to ensure safety on every stage of work.


Employees are our greatest asset!

We vouch that our team is reliable, motivated and well trained. We have work on many different projects and every of them is a new challenge for us. There is no monotony or routine in our work, and this makes our team flexible, fast and successful.

We design small or bigger team; depends on the project we deal. We have licensed electricians committed to their work with high quality of workmanship. Our employees stand behind their work which is made with professionalism & quality.

We are at your disposal for any electrical work you have in mind!


We are very well equipped in our electrical department!

In addition to the standard equipment we also have the following machines that confirm a wide range:

  • Cable trailer
  • Cable pulling winches
  • Cable laying equipment
  • Cable traction machines, various pulleys etc.
  • Laser
  • All measuring instruments for the high and low current ranges
  • Etc.


lines, cable, cable drum
  1. Pipeline construction
  2. Commissioning
  3. Cabel reel
  4. UGV connections / control
  5. Installation
  6. House building


  1. Electrical safety inspections
  2. Electrical maintenance contracts
  3. Indoor/Outdoor Lighting Retrofit
  4. Energy Analysis
  5. Correct Phase Rotation


hardware, electronics, repair
  1. House re-wiring and initial wiring services
  2. Electric panel replacement
  3. Relocating electrical service panel
  4. Electrical meter replacement
  5. Analysis & Troubleshooting of Electrical System
  6. Extra socket outlets


hall, apartment, interior
  1. Consulting & planning
  2. Infront design
  3. Complete lighting fit-outs
  4. Installation of Lighting
  5. Track lighting
  6. LED & Eco friendly lighting
  7. Energy efficient lighting systems
  8. Lighting system controlled by smartphone